The free collection of esoteric texts!

EsoClassics Plus comes to the esoteric students with an astounding collection of english/american texts!

And, if you can read italian, look for the original “EsoClassics” app in the app stores! It’s FREE!!!

A great source of informations for the student of occult sciences, an essential collection with all the topics of esotericism, like:

* Alchemy
* Hermetism
* Theosophy
* Yoga
* Anthroposophy
* Cabala or Qabbalah
* Sacred texts, western and oriental
* … and more!

Yes, more than 90 books, pamphlets, documents, conferences, letters, etc.

The most important authors in the history of esoteric sciences:

* Paracelsus
* Alice Bailey
* H.P. Blavatsky
* H.C. Agrippa
* Annie Besant and Charles Leadbeater
* Eliphas Levi
* Rudolf Steiner
* … and so on!

EsoClassics is an invaluable collection of ancient and modern wisdom for the genuine searcher of truth and light!

Read! Learn! Practice!




that I’m republishing this app after many requests but I really have no time to update it and cannot provide support. The app is fully working but on some systems cannot be started and I don’t know why.







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  1. I really like this app and I’ve downloaded it to the last 6 devices I’ve had. Unfortunately it won’t install on my newest device (an iTouch 5) But I am able to use the app on my ZTE phone. Thanks for creation of this app. Sincerely AnnadollB.

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