EsoClassics coming to iOS 11

Apple did it again.
The first time was with iOS 8, now they tried again to make EsoClassics unavailable for their new OS, but… THEY FAILED!

Yes, I found some spare time to dedicate and searched the old files to make a new build compatible with iOS 11.

I had a first problem: the files of the last build are lost. Last time I updated EsoClassics was in 2014, since then I changed hard drive and Mac OS at least two times and the project files probably remained in an erased drive. Good start.
So I took the previous version, without all the fixes I made, and opened it…

Well, second problem: the program (Appcelerator, a cross-platform framework) I used to develop EsoClassics changed so much since 2014. They had been acquired by a new company and many things changed. Ok, at least the indie plan is still free.
Once I had it working, I just pressed the PLAY button to generate a preview of what the app should be, only to know that many internal links and references were totally broken, due to the new features of the program that made unavailable some functions used extensively by my project.

I confess that I was abandoning any hope to overcome this problem, because I’m not a real programmer and the prospect of dilapidating many days trying to make all thing working was terrorizing me.

But I perseverated and something went in the good direction. Or someone wanted this to happen.

Maybe you’ll find some bugs, maybe the app is aged and very simple for modern days, maybe you don’t even know what EsoClassics is, but I can assure it is a true pleasure for me to offer a new functioning version of the only esoteric collection on the stores of every smartphone and tablet in this world.

This is EsoClassics. Still the only one since 2011.
(But Apple, please don’t do it again next year…)

I’m finishing to test the app and then I’ll send to Apple for approval. So please allow 8-15 days (from today 17 October) before to see the update in the App Store. Thanks

Light be with you all.


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