Tired of numbers like 2048?
Shake the shapes of GeoShake!

+++ About the game +++
In this fast-paced, visually rich, casual game the challenge is to collide the geometric shapes of the same type, so they can evolve to more angled shapes and give you more points. When the screen is full of shapes and you can “shake” no more tiles, the game ends.

There are 15 different shapes which you can see. Can you reach the last one, the mighty golden star?

+++ How to play +++
Swipe the finger left-to-right, right-to-left, up-to-down or down-to-up to move the shapes: if two shapes of the same type collide, they evolve. Easy, right?

GeoShake can be played in a relaxed mode – like a normal fun pastime (or time-waster!) – or in a strategically involved mode, for those who every time want to beat their highscore – and that of friends! – in the least possible time.


+++ Features +++

– nice graphics
– fast play
– 3 challenge modes against time
– 3 different gameplay modes
– online leaderboards: challenge your friends!
– fun!
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*** — Please NOTE — ***
Trouble logging to the game? You need to install/update “Google Play Services”.
This game uses the last version, sorry for the inconvenience.


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